My big Dream

Who I am

Hi, I'mNielsVink... I was born on 6 December 2002 and live in Helmond. I am a student at the Dr.-Knippenbergcollege and follow the profile choice Sport and Exercise (BSM).

Due to a bacterial infection (meningococcal sepsis) when I was one year old, I had to fight a long battle for life and death. Luckily I won it, but I did lose both my legs and several phalanges.

In 2012 I visited the Paralympics in London with my mother. I loved that! When I was there, I knew right away: I want to be a part of this someday. But at that time, I was nine years old, I wasn't doing any sports. So there was still some work to be done...

After that experience in London, I tried several paralympic sports. There was one sport I immediately fell in love with. You might not be surprised that that was wheelchair tennis. I thought that was - and I think it's - the coolest thing there is. In the meantime, I can also say that sport means everything to me.

I took my first tennis lessons at TC Carolus in Helmond. After that I continued at the Thadia Wheelchair Tennis Foundation in St. Michielsgestel. At the moment I am part of the national selection of the KNLTB. That's how I take part in the league training. I also have the A-status (topsport status) of NOC*NSF.

My mission is to participate in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2021. In order to participate, I must be one of the best eight wheelchair tennis players in the world at a date to be determined (due to the corona crisis, this has not yet been determined). For that I have to play a lot of international tournaments and get ITF points. Outside the tournaments I make a lot of training hours with my private trainer.

In 2021, my dream must come true. But participating in the Paralympics in Tokyo is just the beginning. I want to take home a special souvenir: a medal. And even after that, I still have plenty of ambitions, because I'm only at the beginning of my career. It would be great if you would help me realise my ambitions!

My roadmap

The donations that come in through foundation Nielson Wheels, I will use in the following ways to make my big dream come true.


Much training

Work hard every day and train a lot to get even better. In addition to the association training courses at the KNLTB, it is also necessary to follow private training courses. With my private trainer I want to train hard to be able to win even more races and thus get closer to my goal.

Ascent in ranking

I also want to climb the world rankings. For this it is necessary to play many tournaments abroad. I have to play several foreign tournaments to be among the best eight wheelchair tennis players in the world on June 7, 2020. Only then can I go to Tokyo.

To the Paralympics

In the end I want to win a medal in the quad category at the Paralympics 2020 in Tokyo. I'm gonna do everything I can to make this happen!