Niels becomes an ambassador for the Esther Vergeer Foundation!

By December 4, 2021General

What Lionel Messi is to football, Michael Jordan to basketball and Wayne Gretzky to hockey, Esther Vergeer is to my sport, wheelchair tennis. I am therefore extremely proud to announce that I am an ambassador for the Esther Vergeer Foundation!

Esther Vergeer has a list of honour I can only dream of for the time being. From 1998 to 2013, she won more titles than Queen scored hits and held the number one position in the world rankings for 14 years. Her foundation does equally good work. The Esther Vergeer Foundation is committed to ensuring that children with a disability can play sports in a regular club. Very ordinary, in other words.

Beautiful words from Esther

Esther Vergeer spoke wonderful words about our cooperation: "Every day, the foundation dedicates itself to enabling children with a physical disability to play sports 'normally'. Sport not only makes you physically and mentally stronger, but also more independent and self-reliant. Niels knows how important sport can be in your life. It's great that Niels , in addition to his education and career as a top athlete, is now going to support the Foundation with his ambassadorship."


I am proud to be a member of Team Esther. It's great that I can make children with a disability so enthusiastic for my own sport. That is also how it started for me!